Week Five of My #SummerofVintageKidLit – Trixie Belden #1!

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I’m excited to begin week four of my #SummerofVintageKidLit! If you haven’t yet heard about my summer reading challenge, you can take a look at my recent blog post that has all the details.

Last week we read Pippi Longstocking, and you can read my quick recap in the comments of this post 🙂

This week, we’re reading Julie Campbell’s Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, which is the first volume in the Trixie Belden mystery series. I’m eager to revisit this one; there are so many fun books in this series and this is one of my favorites. Everything about this book is quintessentially summer, with adventures and horses and secrets galore. 🙂

Here’s a summary about this book from Goodreads:

Trixie’s summer is going to be sooo boring with her two older brothers away at camp. But then a millionaire’s daughter moves into the next-door mansion, an old miser hides a fortune in his decrepit house, and a runaway kid starts hiding out in Sleepyside!

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  1. Anna Rose Johnson

    UPDATE 7/25

    I really enjoyed reading this one, even more than the first time I read it. As I said in my original post, it is a perfect read for summer, and all of Trixie’s adventures are delightful. The characterizations are very well done, and I definitely prefer the original Trixie books by Julie Campbell to the later ones, which were penned by ghostwriters. I love the setting, and that’s probably due to the fact that Trixie’s home (Crabapple Farm) is based on a real place. 🙂 I always gravitate toward stories that are based on some sort of reality.

    In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I went ahead and read the second volume of the series as well. The first book leads so naturally into the next!


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