Week Four of My #SummerofVintageKidLit – Pippi Longstocking!

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I’m excited to begin week four of my #SummerofVintageKidLit! If you haven’t yet heard about my summer reading challenge, you can take a look at my recent blog post that has all the details.

Last week we read Canadian Summer, and you can read my quick recap in the comments of this post 🙂

This week, we’re reading Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking, a highly inventive, humorous story about a very unusual little girl. I read this one when I was about nine years old, and I remember enjoying all of Pippi’s fun antics, so I’m looking forward to re-reading it. 🙂

Here’s a summary about this book from Goodreads:

Pippi is nine years old. She lives alone in her own house with a horse and a monkey, and she does exactly as she pleases. Her friends Tommy and Annika are green with envy – but although they have to go to school and go to bed when they are told, they still have time to join Pippi on all her great adventures. 

Happy Reading! Feel free to discuss this book by leaving a comment below, or tweet about it using the hashtag #SummerofVintageKidLit! Or join my Facebook group to be alerted of all the latest posts.

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  1. Anna Rose Johnson

    UPDATE 7/17

    As with “Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill,” I was able to breeze through “Pippi Longstocking” in just a couple of days. I enjoyed it even more than I did when I was nine and reading it for the first time! Pippi’s outlandish tales, impressive strength, and irrepressible charm make for a simply delightful book.

    It’s also interesting how Pippi’s personality and characterization are so well-done and well-drawn, but her friends Tommy and Annika remain rather flat, one-dimensional characters. I wonder if Astrid Lindgren wrote them this way to show a greater contrast.

    All in all, a highly entertaining read! Can’t wait to reread the first Trixie Belden, starting on Friday.


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