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While reading the May/June 2018 issue of Victoria (one of my very favorite magazines), I came across an article showcasing the artwork of Bridget Collins, who creates beautiful pictures using flowers and grasses arranged on paper. Inspired by these lovely designs, I decided to give it a try, using the flowers from my own garden.

I didn’t have a specific scene in mind for my picture, so I gathered a handful of petals and flowers in a color scheme of pink, yellow, and white. When I spread them out on a large sheet of poster board, a large peony petal caught my eye: it looked like a long, old-fashioned skirt—something out of the Edwardian era, perhaps. I found a few extra petals to widen the skirt, and worked from there to create an image of a young woman walking through her garden.

It’s easy to put together a simple design like this one; no tools involved except a piece of paper (for your backdrop) and scissors (if you want to snip a petal to make it smaller). For this project, I used mainly marigolds, peonies, roses, and Gerbera daisies.

If you have an artistic bent—and access to flowers—I encourage you to give this unique idea a try!


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