Welcome to Week Eleven of my summer reading challenge! We’re reading Carol Ryrie Brink’s “Baby Island”

Week Twelve of My #SummerofVintageKidLit – The Time Garden!

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I’m excited to begin week twelve of my #SummerofVintageKidLit! If you haven’t yet heard about my summer reading challenge, you can take a look at my recent blog post that has all the details.

Last week we read Baby Island, and you can read my quick recap in the comments of this post 🙂

This week, we’re reading Edward Eager’s “The Time Garden.” I am such a fan of Edward Eager’s wildly witty stories. He wrote a seven-book series beginning with “Half Magic,” and this is the fourth volume of that series. I’ve been looking forward to revisiting this one – the chapter featuring the Little Women characters is particularly hilarious!

Here’s a summary about this book from Goodreads:

From the moment Roger, Ann, Eliza, and Jack discover the fragrant bank of wild thyme in old Mrs. Whiton’s garden, magic begins. The thyme garden opens the way to olden time, future time, and common time. Though Eliza says time doesn’t grow – it flies – the Nutterjack, the odd creature who presides over the garden, says anything can happen when you have all the time in the world. The four children are plunged into exhilarating, always unpredictable adventures – meeting the Revolutionary Minutemen, Queen Elizabeth I, and even their own parents when they were children.

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  1. Linda Sammaritan

    I’m so sorry the whole summer got away from me without participating like I thought I would. The Time Garden? I’d never heard of it, but time travel books fascinate me. I will try to find it!

    • Anna Rose Johnson

      I think you’ll enjoy it, Linda! It’s such a funny book 🙂

  2. Anna Rose Johnson

    UPDATE 9/12

    This book is just so very, very funny, and I love the glimpses into history. In this one, the four children spend a summer at an old house in Boston that dates from the 1700s. One of the aspects I like best about this book is when their time (or “thyme”) travel takes them to eras in the old house’s past (Revolutionary-era, Civil War…)

    A splendid conclusion to my #SummerofVintageKidLit!


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