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Summertime is for butterflies!

I’ve always been fascinated with the butterflies that visit our farm, especially the showstopper of summer, the yellow swallowtail butterfly:


I recently read Gene Stratton-Porter’s classic novel A Girl of the Limberlost. Published in 1909, the story features Elnora Comstock, a young naturalist who navigates life and love while searching for valuable insects in the Limberlost swamp of eastern Indiana.



I loved the descriptions of the dragonflies, moths, and butterflies and in this book. We’re lucky to see lots of these here in the summer, including the beautiful monarch butterflies.



If you’re interested in attracting butterflies, try planting bee balm, snapdragons, or lilacs—swallowtails in particular seem to love these flowers (and so do bees and moths)!



What are your favorite types of insects? Feel free to leave a comment!



  1. Laura Dee

    These are beautiful photos! Did you take them yourself?

    • Anna Rose Johnson

      Thank you! Yes, I took the photos of the butterflies 🙂 They love my snapdragons!

  2. Mary Brownell

    Hi Anna,
    Just wanted you to know that I loved “A Girl of The Limberlost” as well as all of the other novels written by Gene Stratton Porter. I know of no one else who has ever read them and was so happy to find your comment on the Betsy/Tacy site. Thank you for sharing your interest.
    Take care

    • Anna Rose Johnson

      Thanks so much for your comment, Mary! I appreciate it. I really enjoyed reading “A Girl of the Limberlost” – the descriptions are so vivid, and the characterization is excellent.


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