Vintage Middle Grade to Discover This Summer!

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Last year I put together a summer reading list that included some of my favorite vintage middle grade novels for the most breezy season of reading. This month I’m returning with an addition to my list: some new picks for you to enjoy this summer! [Not all of these books take place during summer, but I think they have the right “feel” for summer!]

Best Friends (Mary Bard, 1955) A delightfully funny book featuring a lonely American girl and a spunky French girl who become friends. (This one’s been reprinted recently and is easy to find!)

Surprise House (Abbie Farwell Brown, 1917) A family inherits a house from their aunt and proceed to discover a series of surprises tucked away in secret locations.

Ramshackle Roost (Jane Flory, 1972) I just finished reading this charming story set in the 1920s, about a family of six (plus an unwelcome houseguest) who must move to a “ramshackle” boarding house on the river. Summer adventures ensue!

Ginnie and the Mystery Doll (Catherine Woolley, 1960) Ginnie and her best friend Geneva spend the summer at Cape Cod and attempt to find a missing antique doll.

Mystery on Heron Shoals Island (Augusta Huiell Seaman, 1940) I’ve read three of this author’s books so far, and I’ve enjoyed each one SO much. This one takes place on an island and follows two children trying to solve a compelling mystery involving a macaw, a shipwreck, and a family feud.

Stand in the Wind (Jean Little, 1972) I loved this story of two sets of sisters who spend an unforgettable vacation on their own at a beach cottage. Jean Little’s characters always feel very real!

Meg and The Treasure Nobody Saw (Holly Beth Walker, 1970) The Meg mysteries are greatly re-readable, and this one involving a thunderstorm and a mysterious family next door is especially nice for summer.

Two Little Women on a Holiday (Carolyn Wells, 1917) This book about four girls and their trip to New York City has been a favorite of mine for many years!

I hope you’ll check some of these out!


  1. Marion

    Thank you Anna Rose for the list of books. Will definitely check some of them out. Ginnie and the Mystery doll seems tn be the one I look up first. A world of success with your “The Star That Always Stays”

  2. Marilyn

    Anna Rose I love vintage youth books. Several have caught my eye. Want to wish you a world of success with your book “The Star That Always Stays”.

  3. Joan

    i like the book lists. There is nothing like a vintage book. Anna Rose congratulations on your book “The Star That Always Stays”


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