I’ve been blogging and writing articles about women’s artistic gymnastics since 2013. It’s always a joy to recap and live-tweet competitions, interview athletes, participate in teleconferences, and research the history of the sport. Here’s a sampling of some of my recent and favorite articles:


One of my pieces about the 2020 Olympics held in summer 2021! In this article, I discussed which athletes might make a surprise impact in Tokyo.

In this article, I explained which athletes had qualified to the 2020 Olympics through the various qualification procedures.

I loved getting the opportunity to interview top U.S. gymnasts on the road to Tokyo in the lead-up to the 2021 Winter Cup!

In summer 2019, I caught up with Sunisa Lee to chat about her goals for the future—two years before she won the Olympic all-around title!


My profile/interview with Romanian Olympian Larisa Iordache, who discusses her many comebacks and recovering from a devastating injury in late 2017


I had the amazing opportunity to interview 1996 U.S. Olympic team champion Jaycie Phelps and her young protégé Jacey Vore in advance of the 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup.


In early 2018, I interviewed rising French star Lorette Charpy, who discusses her experience at 2017 Worlds and her awesome balletic style.


Combining a trio of my favorite things—genealogy, gymnastics, and writing—I told the story of Consetta Caruccio, a 1936 and 1948 U.S. Olympian.


My profile/interview with Japanese Olympian Asuka Teramoto, who tells about her inspiration to continue onto Tokyo 2020.


I loved chatting with Magnificent Seven team captain Amanda Borden, who reminisces about 1996 and talks about other interesting subjects.


This is definitely of the most exciting and fun projects I’ve ever done! My story on Laurie Hernandez after the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.


My interview with 2016 U.S. Olympic Champion Madison Kocian, an amazing uneven bars champion


One of the most decorated U.S. gymnasts of all time is Shannon Miller, who won two golds in Atlanta ’96. To commemorate her 40th birthday, I recapped the best moments of her career.


In 2017, I talked with legendary coach Mary Lee Tracy and her incredible athlete Emily Gaskins.


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